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Omum La Confidante Yummy & Cocoon Body Cream

Today I delve future into the realm of testing products meant for pregnant women. I actually didn’t mean to this time. I lazily didn’t read the label, but thought the product was pretty and was curious if it actually had anything to do with cocoons?

Turns out, I think this is a reference for cocooning a child, which sort of freaks me out…does that mean when they are born they are butterflies? I guess I kind of get it, but I don’t really like thinking of babies as crawly bugs…

Anyway, the cream does have a delicious vanilla scent, and a light, fluffy texture that feels divine on the skin. It suggests that it could be used as a massage cream, and I very much like that idea.

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Bonus picture: I apologize for how dark this one is, but look at how light and fluffy this looks!

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Have you ever mistakenly bought the wrong product? What did you do with it once you realized? What was the strangest thing you’ve ever bought on accident?


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